Part 1: Contributor’s Guide



To start developing and testing MozBuzz you will need:


If you use Linux or Mac then you surely already have Python installed.

Getting the code

First you need get a copy of the code:

$ git clone
$ cd mozbuzz

Setup a virtual environment for the application

Create a new virtualenv to install MozBuzz dependencies without affecting other software in your machine:

$ virtualenv env

If you are using any UNIX OS, you could also use VirtualenvWrapper for this.

Install python packages

You’ll need install python packages used in this project. These are in requirements.txt. The best way to install these packages is using pip:

$ pip install -r docs/requirements.txt


Start creating a You can use as a template.

Setup database:

$ python syncdb
$ python migrate

Run server:

$ python runserver

Now you can open http://localhost:8000 and see MozBuzz running.